Making Thoughts
Assemblage, Humanity, Visual Rhetoric

This on-going research project explores assemblage as both a mental practice and compositional method. Presented as social commentary, content comes from personal observation that translates into meaning through analog construction. Inspiration comes from the compound effect of continuously engaging with various methods of mass communication—a book, social-media post, television commercial, radio interview or personal conversation—each piece constructing a context of reference. Translating individual thoughts into physical form creates the opportunity to reveal a universal existence—rhetorical questions propelling internal dialogue and clarify commonalities.

The works are intentionally presented in a square format, presented in our “contemporary” dialogue, or social streams. Masquerading in the vernacular of the meme, they attempt to challenge perception of the medium. Devoid of imagery, the topical connections reside within the viewer—statements singular and pointed or rhetorical and broad—always intended to incite.

All images are archived at and shared through Instagram @making_thoughts.


Client — Social Swipers
Design & Direction — Johnathon Strube

© Johnathon Strube, 1982–2020.