About this Site

A collection of artifacts, experiences, resources and truths—a graphic design practice visualized.

This site was created to present my practice as a graphic designer and educator. The goal is to reveal my process, outcome and intent. Through individual or collective study, each project and experience a reflection of my agency.

The site was built on WordPress using a hand-coded custom theme adapted from Starkers. Hosting is provided by WebFaction. All code pushed and pulled using Coda 2 from Panic.

The body text is set in Merriweather by Sorkin Type Co. The secondary text is typeset in Roboto, designed by Christian Robertson. Both typefaces are open source and distributed by Google Fonts.

All work presented here is property of Johnathon Strube, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to share and re-share, but let others know where it came from. Proper attribution is good business.

This site is updated, almost, everyday.

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