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Instructor of Visual Communication in the School of Art & Design at Northern Illinois University.

I have eight years of experience teaching graphic design at the university level. During this time, I have taught a variety of courses and topics, including: foundational studies, fundamental principles, typography, conceptual frameworks, story-telling approaches, web design, UI design and professional issues.

With all topics, I focus on a design process that translates across medium and application. I emphasize the development of intellectual empathy, investigative research, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, conceptual integrity, aesthetic courage and solutions that seek appropriate, human-centered results.

I ask all students to inject this process with their own personal experience, with the intent of the student learning to become a design practitioner and not merely a service provider. I work alongside and guide students in the development of their own creative process that can transcend the classroom and lead to personal fulfillment and professional success.

Courses Taught

2-D Foundation Design
Advanced Visual Communication I
Advanced Visual Communication II
Fundamentals of Graphic Design
Independent Research
Interaction Design I
Interaction Design II
Intermediate Visual Communication I
Introduction to Visual Communication
Type & Image
Web Design
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