Johnathon Strube


I see the practice of design as an extension of our individual humanity developed through study and experience. As Milton Glaser noted, “You want to be operating within the life of your time. You want to do things that have some relationship to your family, to your community, to your city, to your country, to the world.”

I ask students to connect with their personal experience in becoming practitioners and not merely service providers. I emphasize the development of intellectual empathy, investigative research, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, aesthetic courage and human-centered results—a creative process leading to personal fulfillment and professional success.

Courses Taught

  • Independent Research
  • Advanced Visual Communication II
  • Advanced Visual Communication I
  • Interaction Design II
  • Interaction Design I
  • Intermediate Visual Communication I
  • Type & Image
  • Typography
  • Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
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