Assemblage of Meaning
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In promotion of my one-person MFA exhibition, a one color postcard and poster was created. The creation process and final artifacts interpreted the assemblage concepts embodied in the exhibition. Each piece presents an exercise in the making process and a visualization of the communicator’s space—form, composition, hierarchy, emphasis, contrast, order and arrangement.

Particular emphasis was placed on repetition and rhythm, as these elements are characteristic of process and production. Furthermore, these elements reinforce the thematic quality of works presented in the show.

The back of the postcards served as a secondary front and presented a variation on process. The unique composition served to define context for application—direct mail for invited guests.

Large posters were created to promote the exhibition in public spaces. A third interpretation of the assemblage process unified a stylistic motif while presenting uniquely distinct artifacts.

With only one-side, a repetition of content emphasized scale and position while simultaneously activating space and underscoring the exhibition’s conceptual perspective.


Client: Johnathon Strube, M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition
Design & Direction: Johnathon Strube
Committee Support: Ola Giza, Chair; Steve Quinn; Bart Woodstrup
Postcard Printing: 13 pt. Matte Cover
Poster Printing: 13 pt. Matte Cover

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