Johnathon Strube

Only In This Moment

Poster as self-portrait—a personal reflection as both question and statement.

A pointed question in a social climate where righteous indignation rules the day. A rhetorical statement in a time where truth is spun out of thin air rather than crafted from experience. A dubious reminder that we are finite with no lapse of reason or judgement allowed. Every interaction, or perceived intention, another chance to be better than prior opportunities—the true measure of political character. A moment to accept or reject, to be present, to listen, to see, to think, to engage, to remember, to be human and to be an American.

In my work, I use assemblage as a conceptual framework and a formal constraint. Making connections physical, I am exploring my condition as a graphic designer. Engaging in the making process and preparing content for production: type selection, formal investigation, concept development and physical output to establish the most specific and distilled presentation.

For content and commentary, I look to society or culture. Typography is ripped from mass media, co-opted and re-assembled into a new dialogue. Language that is battered, bruised, torn or tormented is re-assembled as a message that presents a separate interpretation. In pursuit of a metaphoric and literal objective, the process is both present in the making and observed in the result—my sensibilities on display. The work, inherently personal, a reflection of me.


© Johnathon Strube, 2016–2018.
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