Johnathon Strube

Making Thoughts

One part observation. One part composition. One part inner-dialogue. One part analog process. One part social commentary. One part internet meme.

This on-going research explores assemblage as both a mental practice and compositional method. The content for the work comes from the way I think about creating meaning and connections in my work. Inspiration never comes from one single source, but from the compound effect of continuously engaging with various methods of communication. It may be a book, a social-media post, a tv commercial, a private conversation or a radio interview—each piece constructing a context of reference. The ability to translate individual thoughts into physical form creates the opportunity to reveal a universal experience. Rhetorical questions propel internal dialogue and clarify commonalities about life and humanity.

The works are intentionally presented in the square format of our social media streams. Masquerading in the vernacular of the meme, they attempt to challenge perception of the medium. Imagery is removed forcing the topical connection to reside within the viewer. The statements are singular and pointed or rhetorical and broad, but always intended to incite discussion. Discussions that link all of us together.

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